Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide variety of toys suitable for babies and children from newborn to eight years of age. 

Our range of toys include themed toys (such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie and Paw Patrol), ride ons and bikes, climbers and slides, duplo and other construction toys, imaginary/role play toys, puzzles and games (board and outdoor).

You can hire toys for as little as 50c for puzzles to $5-6.00 for our larger, outdoor toys. 

Puzzles are free for every two toys you hire.


You may borrow 4 toys per session. Hires of more than 4 items per session are at the librarian’s discretion.

Toys can be hired for up to two weeks at a time and can be renewed once. Simply phone, text, email or Facebook message us your name and the toy number or log into our members website and do it yourself by going into My Library and clicking Renew.

Yes you can! Speak to our librarian when you are next in or you can phone, text, email or Facebook message us your name and the toy you would like to reserve. Or log into our members website and do it yourself by selecting the toy you would like, click on Reserve Toy at the bottom of the page and choose the dates you would like the toy for.

A charge of $5.00 per piece is made. If the piece is found and returned within a reasonable time the fine will be refunded.

Please note that toy boxes and bags not returned with the toy are counted as missing pieces.


We understand that despite your best efforts things can happen! While allowances are made for normal wear and tear, if a toy is returned broken you will be asked to contribute towards purchasing a new piece or toy. If a toy is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, you will be invoiced for a replacement toy. Each case will be dependent on the toy’s age or condition.

It is important to check your toys and count all the pieces for items you are borrowing before your child plays with them. Once you have left the library you become responsible for the complete toy and all pieces, bags, containers etc. If there are any missing pieces or any other discrepancies, please contact our librarian via text, email or Facebook message within 24 hours.

Toys are considered overdue 8 days after their due date. After that time period, you will incur a non-refundable fine of $2.50 per week per toy. You will be contacted when toys are overdue. If you are unable to return them on time and to avoid any fines, please contact our librarian via text, email or Facebook message.


Yes you can! A copy of the roster will be emailed to you and you can reply with the days that best suit you or alternatively you can ask the librarian for the roster in the library and fill it in there. If you are unable to complete your duty on the allocated day, please let the librarian know via text, email or Facebook message with an alternative day.

Of course! In fact, this is one of the reasons many members enjoy their roster shift — it’s a chance for their kids to explore the library too.  

We do not normally cancel memberships or refund any unused portion of a membership however we understand life can get tricky so if you have extenuating circumstances that warrant you needing to cancel your membership please email us. 

We love to hear your suggestions and welcome any new ideas and feedback.  When you are next in the library talk to our librarian or alternatively email or Facebook message us. All suggestions are taken to the committee for discussion.