1657: Super Heroes Duplo

Super Heroes Duplo photo
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  • Category: DU
  • No Pieces: 104
  • Manufacturer: Lego
  • Age: 2+ years
  • Rent: $3.00
  • Storage: : Zippit Bag


Three super hero sets in one, combine the fun and adventure of the TV program with the hands-on, developmental benefits of Duplo construction.
Spiderman Headquarters - superhero friends work as a team and share exciting missions and fun activities together
Super Heroes Lab - popular Marvel Avengers characters and cool equipment and vehicles come together to create so much fun!
Batcave - when The Joker escapes from jail, your little superhero joins Batman and Robin as they try to capture him and put him back where he belongs.


2 x blue/white motorbikes (Spiderman, Captain Marvel)

2 x black wheelbases with 4 wheels

1 x black Batman car cab

1 x yellow crane piece

1 x black hook

8 x figurines (Batman, Robin, Joker, Spiderman, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales, Iron Man, Captain America)

2 x capes (black, gold)

1 x red Captain Marvel shield

1 x black Bat-arang weapon

1 x green slime

1 x white slime shooter

1 x yellow camera

1 x red suitcase

1 x grey spanner

1 x white flexible spiderweb

1 x white slide

1 x 2-piece rotating yellow circle on red square base

1 x black 2x8 arched `Batman` picture block

2 x tall black 2x4 jail door blocks

2 x grey jail doors

2 x thin semi-circle blocks (grey, dark grey)

2 x thin 2x8 blocks (grey, dark grey)

1 x thin blue 4x6 block

1 x thin yellow 2x6 block

8 x thin 2x4 blocks (red, 2 yellow, 2 black, 3 dark grey)

1 x red 2x4 block

1 x red 2x4 `Spiderman eyes` picture block

11 x 2x2 blocks (pink, dark grey, 2 blue, 3 clear blue, 4 red)

15 x 1x2 blocks (2 white, 2 blue, 2 clear blue, 4 red, 5 grey)

2 x grey 1x2 brick blocks

2 x white 1x2 picture blocks (DBG paper, hanging Spiderman)

1 x white round `world map` picture block

4 x 2x2 double-sided sloping blocks (black, 3 red)

1 x red 2x4 double-sided sloping block

2 x tall blue 1x2 straight sloping blocks

1 x short grey 1x2 straight sloping block

1 x short red 1x2 straight sloping `computer console` picture block

3 x short 1x2 curved sloping blocks (white, 2 black)

1 x short black 1x2 curved sloping /laughing Joker` picture block

4 x short 2x2 curved sloping blocks (2 blue, 2 black)

3 x cardboard picture guides

3 x laminated booklets

1 x contents list

1 x zippit bag


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