1678: Cosy Dolls Pram

Cosy Dolls Pram photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: PP
  • No Pieces: 4
  • Manufacturer: Bayer
  • Age: 2+ years
  • Rent: $3.00
  • Storage: : No Storage


This doll`s pram includes a matching blanket with a pillow. The perfect accessory for sweet dreams of your favourite doll! It can be easily folded, it is perfect for transport or storage. In the shopping basket, you can take almost everything with you that your doll needs for their journey. Care accessories can be stored in the practical shoulder bag. 


1 x navy/pink pram with shopping storage
1 x navy/hearts pillow
1 x navy/hearts/mermaid blanket
1 x navy/hearts nappy bag