1822: Scrabble Junior

Scrabble Junior photo
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  • Category: G
  • No Pieces: 121
  • Manufacturer: Mattel
  • Age: 5+ years
  • Rent: $1.00
  • Storage: : Zippit Bag


Now kids can enjoy the fun and challenge of Scrabble at their own level. Choose one of two levels to suit the age group of the players: Younger children start the fun by linking letters on the board that includes pictures. Older children enjoy making words all by themselves. Now the classic word-building game is even better by helping kids improve their vocabularies and spelling skills. 


1 x 2-sided game board
1 x blue tile bag
84 x yellow letter tiles
30 x blue counters
1 x laminated instruction sheet
1 x game box with cardboard insert
1 x contents list
2 x zippit bags (small, large)

Tags: mattel, word, picture, spell, alphabet, crossword