1833: Jake & the Neverland Pirates Magical Tiki Hideout & Imaginext Captain Hooks Island

Jake & the Neverland Pirates Magical Tiki Hideout & Imaginext Captain Hooks Island photo
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  • Category: TPS
  • No Pieces: 32
  • Manufacturer: Fisher Price
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Rent: $3.00
  • Storage: : Plastic container, zippit bag


The Hideout is a key location in Never Land where Jake and his crew live. Place the magical tiki on the three activation points and press the button to reveal the Hideout’s secret entrance and two lookout platforms, a rising crow’s nest, and watch Tick Tock the Croc swim around the lagoon. Keep an eye out for Captain Hook or the pirates and protect the Splendour Gem. Have the water-firing cannon ready for their arrival.
Imagine...a stolen treasure lies within Captain Hook`s Lagoon. Pirates plan to invade the island, but BEWARE! The Captain won`t let them off the "hook" that easily. Dangerous traps await their arrival like a boulder blockade, a firing cannon or will the face of the skull seal their doom? Can the pirates escape with the treasure or will they become permanent prisoners of Hook`s Lagoon? 


1 x Tiki Hideout
1 x Skull Island (this can be disassembled, made up of 8 pieces - 1 main grey/yellow wall, 2 yellow platforms, 4 grey walls, 1 skull wall)
1 x 2-part brown slide
1 x island with palm tree attached
1 x green palm tree leaves
1 x brown palm tree trunk
2 x brown boats (1 with black handle)
1 x brown tiki with yellow button
1 x brown totem pole
1 x blue Splendour Gem on grey rock
1 x brown wheelbarrow with green handles
2 x cannons (grey, brown)
2 x missiles (red cannonball, blue water ball)
1 x brown treasure chest
1 x yellow telescope
2 x skull and crossbones flags (brown, black)
1 x blue shovel
4 x swords (2 blue/grey, 2 brown)
3 x figurines (Jake, Captain Hook, pirate)
1 x laminated instruction sheet
1 x contents list
1 x zippit bag
1 x plastic container

Tags: fisher price, cannon, crossbones, sea, Tick Tock