1860: Brain Box - Absolute Electronic Kit

Brain Box - Absolute Electronic Kit photo
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  • Category: ST
  • No Pieces: 42
  • Manufacturer: Brain Box
  • Age: 8+ years
  • Rent: $3.00
  • Storage: : Zippit Bag


It includes over 180 exciting experiments! It is designed to teach children about motors, switches, sound and light. They learn about resistance, voltage, current and the relation between them. Simply snap the components together! A great set to promote critical thinking, problem solving and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.


(Use Parts List to assist you)
1 x square clear plastic base board
4 x one-snap connectors (no.1)
8 x two-snap connectors (no.2)
4 x three-snap connectors (no.3)
1 x four-snap connector (no.4)
1 x five-snap connector no.5)
1 x six-snap connector (no.6)
1 x buzzer (no.11)
1 x touch plate (no.12)
1 x reed relay (no.13)
1 x button switch (no.14)
1 x slide switch (no.15)
1 x photosensor (number 16)
1 x LED (light emitting diode) (no.17)
1 x 2.5 V lamp (no.18)
2 x battery units (no.19)
1 x speaker (no.20)
1 x music IC (no.21)
1 x alarm IC (no.22)
1 x sound effects IC (no.23)
1 x DC motor (no.24)
1 x blade
1 x magnet
1 x light bulb
1 x experiments booklet
1 x activity box with plastic insert
1 x contents list
1 x zippit bag


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