1865: Temple Trap

Temple Trap photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: G
  • No Pieces: 15
  • Manufacturer: Smart Games
  • Age: 7+ years
  • Rent: $1.00
  • Storage: : Zippit Bag


Arrange the walls and the stairs to create a path through the Temple…but in this maze, the walls constantly shift!
Starter challenges can be solved in just a few moves, but the harder challenges often need 50 or more moves.

Only a smart adventurer can escape this cursed labyrinth!

For 1 player


1 x temple baseboard
1 x clear lid
8 x game pieces (2 with stairs, 3 with green raised platforms)
1 x green figurine
1 x game booklet
1 x game box with cardboard insert
1 x content list
1 x zippit bag