1868: Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Blast Station Playset

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Blast Station Playset photo
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  • Category: TG
  • No Pieces: 16
  • Manufacturer: Hot Wheels
  • Age: 4+ years
  • Rent: $2.00
  • Storage: : Zippit Bag


This is the ultimate training site for epic destruction. Kids can drive the Monster Truck up to one of the gas pumps to refuel or get a quick tune-up on the adjustable scissor lift before getting into hard-core demo derby practice. Using the slam launcher, kids aim their Monster Truck at the gas pumps to trigger a massive explosion with fire that splits the pumps in two. Then, they can aim for the billboard to fully destroy the blast station and send the three included crushable cars in the parking garage flying into the air. Substitute the crushable cars for any Hot Wheels cars to amp up the destruction.


1 x grey training site with orange fold-down billboard
2 x grey platforms for billboard
1 x removable orange 3-part vehicle scissor lift
2 x detachable blue roof pieces
1 x blue/yellow launcher
3 x Monster Trucks
3 x crushable cars (blue, green, yellow)
1 x laminated instruction sheet
1 x contents list
1 x zippit bag