1869: Zoob Builderz

Zoob Builderz photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: C
  • No Pieces: 161
  • Manufacturer: Zoob
  • Age: 6+ years
  • Rent: $3.00
  • Storage: : Zippit Bag


ZOOB is not like any other building set - the pieces include gears, axles and joints that snap, click, and pop together! With rotating, spinning and extendable parts you can actually design a toy to play with, instead of just building something to look at. Create monsters—or vehicles—or monsters that turn into vehicles! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination! 


18 x red pieces
20 x silver pieces
19 x yellow pieces
15 x blue pieces
17 x green pieces
64 x assorted foam shapes (see picture guide)
1 x laminated foam shape picture guide
5 x laminated instruction booklets
1 x contents list
1 x zippit bag


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