1872: Splash Beach

Splash Beach photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: WP
  • No Pieces: 18
  • Manufacturer: Little Tikes
  • Age: 2+ years
  • Rent: $4.00
  • Storage: : No main storage, drawstring bag for accessories


Hours of water play fun! Fill up the pad with water and seat kids inside or around the edge to explore the many fun features. This includes a scoop and pour cup, a floating submarine, a sailboat, an octopus, and turtle and more. Attach a hose to the side for extra water play, spin the waterfall lighthouse, and slide the floating toys into the water.


1 x blue fold-down water tray
1 x blue water tray insert
1 x orange hose adaptor (attached)
2 x blue support covers
2 x yellow water gates
1 x yellow/white lighthouse top with clear tray
1 x slide tower
1 x red/white lighthouse base
1 x blue dock
1 x yellow cup
1 x orange submarine
1 x blue sailboat
1 x purple octopus
1 x green turtle
1 x contents list
1 x plastic drawstring bag