2039: Hot Wheels Action Spiral Speed Track Set

Hot Wheels Action Spiral Speed Track Set photo
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  • Category: TG
  • No Pieces: 35
  • Manufacturer: Hot Wheels
  • Age: 5+ years
  • Rent: $4.00
  • Storage: : Zippit Bag


This set delivers big-time thrills with a 29-inch-tall track, three crash zones and a motorized booster that keeps the car moving. Drive the car up to the booster and watch it continuously whip down the spiral. To increase the challenge, add additional cars until there`s an inevitable wipe-out in one of the crash zones. 


1 x blue booster base
4 x blue frame pieces
3 x blue track pieces
7 x green track pieces
11 x orange track pieces
6 x Hot Wheels cars
1 x laminated instructions
1 x contents list
1 x zippit bag