1664: Yardzee

Yardzee photo
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  • Category: OG
  • No Pieces: 10
  • Manufacturer: QuBe Games
  • Age: 4+ years
  • Rent: $2.00
  • Storage: : Plastic container, zippit bag
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A large outdoor version of the classic Yahtzee game. Handmade in NZ. It can be played by yourself or with a group. The wooden dice are 5 x 10cm. 
To play, use the black container to throw the dice or just throw them by hand then fill out the score sheet as you go.


5 x large wooden dice

1 x black throwing `cup` storage container

1 x laminated instruction sheet/scorecard

1 x whiteboard marker

1 x contents list

1 x zippit bag


Non-member party hire: $4.00

Tags: wooden, dice, game, family, throw, count